Bad Debt Collection Bad Debt Collection purpose is to collect the long due unsettled accounts owed to an operator. D&C attempts to convince the account owner about his payment obligations. If D&C failed, Legal action will be undertaken. The Bad Debt collection is subdivided into steps: The operator provides D&C a list of unsettled due accounts. Moreover, they provide power of attorney the same, enabling D&C's to proceed with the necessary actions against the accounts which didn't show any sign towards settling the past due amounts The operator provides also all documents and files related to the unsettled accounts to help D&C reach the account owners Prior to any action that might be taken; D&C Employees offer several proposals for account owners to settle accounts which include the first payment along with monthly installments If D&C employees do not reach an agreement with the account owner, D&C has the full right to undertake the necessary actions including filing the necessary lawsuits against the account owner by lawyer office D&C updates the operator with the progress of collecting any unsettled amounts. To ensure the smoothness of this operation D&C treats with well-experienced lawyers team Office Number of lawyers who treat with D&C is more than 30. We Believe In Quality & Deliver The Same We Believe In Quality & Deliver The Same