Newsroom FAQs What sets D&C apart from other agencies? Since 2001, D&C did a significant growth over the years. During this period of progress, we absorbed our customers’ requirements and have structured our company to deliver exactly their needs. Communication and performance are two features that hold great importance for us, believing that its successful achievements will translate into satisfied pioneers. Our new, improved website and full-time client-relations representatives  are two of the many reasons which D&C beats the competition when it comes to services. At D&C, our runners do not stand alone, but rather are supported by all levels of management. We take all our services very seriously & believe that they are and should be our primary focus. What are D&C value-added services? Along with all our services we provide: Collection services, distribution services, free technical consultancy, SIM packaging and printing services (e.g. sim barcodes, user guides, paper jackets and flyers). Does D&C have evening or weekend hours? Since we do care about our employees as well as our customers, we tried to be fair in scheduling a well-balanced working hours: 8am to 1pm and  2pm to 5pm (8 hours per day), six days per week but sometimes we extend the working hours to complete the scheduled task How quickly will we collect your invoices? Requests for collection are directly sent to the corresponding team, who schedule the visit of the subscriber with his runner.  Some invoices are collected in the first 5 hours after the request while others may take maximum 24 hours What if the account owner disputes the invoice or just refuses to pay? If the account owner disputes the invoice, we will provide him with a Statement of Account to check the details of his account, if he keeps refusing to pay; we may suggest monthly installment and end up with legal actions. How actively D&C pursue bad addresses? We continue trying to locate subscribers  (or account owners) for at least 4 to 6 months, then we usually keep checking back on the account monthly to see if any info have been updated.