Packaging  The Packaging Operation objective is to help the GSM operator preparing and packing SIM cards in a proper and presentable way. This operation is implemented according to the international standardization, in terms of quality of the plastic boxes, flyers, and barcodeprinting. This operation includes: The concept creation of the package (Plastic Box and Design) The printing of user guides, paper jackets and flyers The printing of Barcodes for each SIM card and containers The wrapping and sealing The creation of a new software application controlling the whole operation from the very start till the delivery of the card  Package verification (Barcode ,Jacket ,Flyer and SIM) Performance verification of each employee Between two packaging cycles the design, layout, and the technical aspect of each element of this operation can be modified, or changed at the request of the operator. Number of employees for this operation is more than 200 We Believe In Quality & Deliver The Same We Believe In Quality & Deliver The Same